Events & Tastings

Wine Tastings

A greater understanding of tasting and appreciating wine can certainly enhance your enjoyment of it, but it should never be the sole object of the exercise, that’s why we encourage to do wine tastings, pairing them with a suitable dish. Wine, although sometimes elevated to a position of cultural reverence, is above all designed for drinking and for pleasure.

Every time we launch a promotion we do run FREE wine tastings. Sign up to our mailing list to find out what we’ll taste from month to month. We also run FREE Wine or Spirits tastings sponsored by independent winemakers


Wine & Food Tasting

At Blanco & Gomez we offer an extensive selection of food and wine events. From your classic food and wine matching to more unique dishes, these events are perfect for brushing up on your dinner party skills, entertaining clients or for just treating your friends and family.

Having whet your appetite with a refreshing aperitif, you’ll begin learning which wines work with different types of food, and why. Demonstrated over three to five sittings of generous sample dishes alongside different styles of wines, you’ll master the art of food and wine matching.

A group of ten to sixteen of you will enjoy a delicious supper accompanied by carefully selected wine.  Each event is organized to best suit your budget with each different supper course and accompanying wine, providing a lip-licking surprise.

You can leave menu choices to us or can choose to personalize things completely to suit your own taste and preferences.